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"Pulled into Intimacy" (9.5 x 11.5in) Canvas set in floater frame (Discount included for loose canvas)

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This featured painting is a rose wave, an image that God has quickened to my spirit on more than one occasion. He has also anointed it with different words and revelations along the way. This variation speaks about being drawn into a deeper level of intimacy with Jesus. When this happens, sometimes it can feel like you're going backwards when actually God is pulling you into a tighter alignment with His Spirit. He's engulfing you with His Mind in order to propel you, much like a catapult, out further than you ever thought possible!! 

Yield to the pull, it will only serve to propel you where He wants you to go, He loves you so much, the only thorns on this rose wave are the crown of thorns Jesus wore on the cross of calvary!!! To all specifically needing direction, press into Jesus, intimacy with Him will position and then move you where you need to go!!!