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"His Voice" (15x19in on canvas board with wood frame)

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 This painting is inspired by Psalm 29 and is all about the Voice of God. His Voice is represented in the gold line moving through the piece. I was impressed by the Lord that no matter what circumstance is thrown our way or what kind of worldly chatter is in the airwaves, the Voice of God is solid, constant and cuts through all the noise. The color gold represents His unfailing goodness towards us!! God's methods may change (new every morning) but His character does not. He is  always for us, always faithful, always going to look for a way to bless us, because we are His beloved Sons and Daughters! Through making this piece, I also felt Him say to draw near to Him and He will draw near to us, sit and listen to what He has to say. Through intimacy with Him, we'll recognize His Voice more and be able to follow and trust the Holy Spirit in the new ways that He’s working in.