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"Faithline" (Mixed media on paper)

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This piece was inspired by the extreme sport of slacklining: a combination of two disciplines: acrobatics and tightrope walking!! 

Before moving to N. Wilkesboro, feeling specifically called to Moravian Falls, NC, I walked a very high, "slackline" of a faith journey!

Unplugging a whole life in Honolulu, HI, God was leading me so strongly and I was eager to follow, but didn't know where we were going!! It was literally step by step!!! Looking back, the Lord gave me everything I needed to walk that "faithline", but it took incredible focus and balance in Him like I've never known before. 

God is so good, His Character can always be trusted, it was as if that "faithline" had adhesive on it, He didn't let me drop, making a way where there seemed to be no way.

Whatever He has called you to that seems impossibly big or maybe you're in the midst of transition, be encouraged, keep your eyes on Him. When it's His plan it's all-inclusive, comprehensive and He will walk out each step of the way with you!!!

*This piece can be displayed various ways, floated in a frame, matted and framed or hung attached to a wood cleat hanger.